2011 Cathy Breadner

2011 Marie Greeniaus Award - Cathy Breadner

Cathy was born and raised on the family farm in Mariposa Township. Her seed career started at Maple Leaf Mills and later she broadened her horizons at Oseco in Brampton where she started to take her seed analysis seriously. Apparently, she also met a fellow called Jim in Brampton and she took that relationship seriously too because they married, had two children, and moved back to Lindsay where they reside today.

Cathy has been an active member of CSAAC since 1975 and has held many executive positions both with the original Eastern Branch and the National Association. Cathy was one of the first seed analysts in Canada to own, operate and manage a seed testing business. Her accredited facility, Canadian Seed Laboratory, has expanded to offer auditing and training services to enhance her seed testing business and has been operating for 25 years.

Cathy has been president of CSAAC twice, the first time in 1982-1983 and again in 1991-1993. Cathy was the 49th President hosting the CSAAC convention and the unforgettable New Year's Eve banquet in preparation for the 50th anniversary in Niagara Falls.

Cathy was very instrumental with the inception of the Canadian Seed Institute and today works with them administering the auditing program for seed testing laboratories across Canada as a Technical Expert. Cathy is one of the most knowledgeable professional individuals we have in a very small but diverse industry.

During her many years in office she worked relentlessly and still does today to ensure that seed testing is standardized, that rules and regulations are adopted and that CSAAC has a voice in the agricultural sector. She has hosted conventions, workshops and trained numerous seed analysts. She was also extremely involved in the move to introduce the position of Executive Director for CSAAC.

Cathy represented CSAAC at many SCST/AOSA meetings in the United States and spoke to those associations about our organization as well as CSTA and CSGA here in Canada. As you know CSAAC is a very small association, but she has contributed in so many ways to keep it viable. She is involved with CFIA and CSI ensuring that we have an efficient and viable industry. Cathy is currently involved on a committee dedicated to the rewriting and the revision of the Canadian Methods and Procedures for Testing Seed.

Unfortunately because we could not recapture all of her accomplishments without contacting her directly we cannot share all of her triumphs with you. We do know that Cathy has met and been friends with a multitude of people around the globe and has cherished the many friendships. Among them of course Marie Greeniaus a fellow seed analyst and close friends. Cathy is a very worthy candidate and someone who Marie herself would have definitely chosen to receive this prestigious award.