2015 Dianne Gilhuly

Commercial Seed Analysts Association of Canada

The 2015 Marie Greeniaus award was awarded to Dianne Gilhuly.

2015 MG award

Dianne started in the seed industry in 1980 with Maple Leaf Mills, working in soybean and corn production and processing. In 1992 Dianne became a founding partner of Kent Agri Lab in Tupperville, Ontario and became a Senior Seed Analyst in 1997.

She has been on the C.S.A.A.C. Board of Directors for many years and has served in many positions and on many committees. She is so dedicated to C.S.A.A.C. and what it represents that she has served two consecutive terms as President and three as Past President. She has been a Licensed Field Crop Inspector for thirteen years and a consultant in Agriculture Quality Systems and Food Safety.

Dianne has been an accredited auditor with the Canadian Seed Institute (C.S.I.) since 1998. She has been a member of the C.S.I. Board for ten years as the C.S.A.A.C. representative and has also served as their President. Currently she is serving as their Past President.

Dianne has always been a role model for all seed analysts and is always willing to share her knowledge with all. C.S.A.A.C. along with the seed industry have all greatly benefitted from Dianne’s knowledge, expertise, wisdom and professionalism.

The award is a sculpture by Jan Dornain (a former CSAAC member).