2019 Frank Lewis

 Frank Lewis

Over his 35 years of service, Frank, worked in a number of positions with AAFC/CFIA. Frank was committed to seed testing, laboratory programs and quality management and was always willing to share his expertise, knowledge and experience with CSAAC members.

He started in his career as an enthusiastic young man, at the Ottawa Seed laboratory working in the germination laboratory, assisting in research and various projects.

He moved to Toronto in the early 80s as Head of the AAFC Regional Laboratory. During his time in the Toronto Seed Laboratory his passion for continuous improvement started to show. He was involved in a task force initiative in 1991 that made him known to many CSAAC members. The task force goal was to review the Training and Accreditation of Analysts and Graders and clarify the training, skill achievement and evaluation standards required and to develop a consensus amongst all the stake holders. He was particularly proud of the accomplishments of the task workforce. The document Candidate’s Guide to the Accredited Seed Analyst Examinations was drafted as a result of the clarification and development of evaluation criteria. Input to updates to the M&P and working with CSAAC labs and analysts to ensure uniform germination evaluations on corn and soybeans are just a few of his contributions.

In 1995, Frank moved back to Ottawa, as the Chief of Analyst and Laboratory Accreditation Programs. The development and maintenance of what was affectionately known as the SLAAP (Seed Laboratory Accreditation and Audit Protocol) was one of his key responsibilities. Also, he maintained the Candidate’s Guide to the Accredited Seed Analyst Examinations and took a lead role in the preparation and delivery of the seed analyst accreditation examinations. He was actively involved with CSAAC members and laboratories in achieving and maintaining their laboratory and seed analyst accreditation.

Frank finished his career with CFIA at Seed Section working on a number of projects, which included the CFIA sampler certification program and recognition of foreign laboratories, before retiring in January 2008.

After a brief break from the workforce, Frank accepted the appointment as CSAAC Executive Director on October 1st, 2009 and served our Board and Members for three years. It was a pleasure working with Frank and CSAAC benefited greatly from his years of expertise in our industry.