Standing Committees


Standing Committees

Ethics Committee
  • Chair Cathie Ornawka
  • Nadine Beaudoin
Membership Committee
  • Chair Janek Bartel
  • Amanda Longson
  • Cathie Ornawka
Methods & Procedures (M &P) Rules & Proposals Committee
  • SSTS Gord Berg
  • Chair Cathy Breadner
  • Sarah Foster
  • Barbara Gracie
Research & Referee Committee
  • SSTS Ruojing Wang
  • Chair Tauhid Parvez
Seed Analyst Accreditation Committee
  • SSTS Leanne Duncan
  • Chair Lisa Greenan
  • Cathy Breadner
  • Jodi Penner

Special Representatives & Other Committees

CSAAC By-law Review Committee
  • As directed by the Board
CSGA Standard and Stock Seed Committee
  • Cathy Breadner
CSI Committee
  • Terry McIntee
  • Dianne Gilhuly
Germination Magazine Committee
  • Morgan Webb
  • Cathie Ornawka
Grant Committee
  • Chair Cathie Ornawka
  • Nadine Beaudoin
  • Morgan Saumer
  • Michelle Krawetz
Historical Committee
  • Chair Dawn Lungul
Nomination Committee
  • Past President Cathy Breadner
Seed Sector Value Chain Roundtable Representatives Committee
  • CSAAC Cathy Breadner
  • CSAAC Krista Erickson - Executive Director
Vigour Committee
  • Chair Morgan Webb
  • Chantal Lecavalier

Special Representative & Other Committees

Webinar Committee

    Proficiency Testing Committee SSTS/CFIA

    Proficiency Testing Committee
    • Western Labs Shari Lafreniere
    • SSTS Janine Maruschak
    • Eastern Labs Dianne Gilhuly
    • CSAAC Krista Erickson - Executive Director
    • CFIA Willy Drost